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2004 Mercury 115 4 Stroke Crank No Start when hot

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  • 2004 Mercury 115 4 Stroke Crank No Start when hot

    I have had this concern for a while. When I make a long run 10 miles or so at 4k rpm, when I shut the motor down and let it sit (hot soak) the motor cranks but will not start. I let cool down and the motors starts. FCJ Marine looked at this concern last year, they found a fuel hose bad along with fuel injectors that were dirty. After this repair, I did not experience concern till today. I did stop by FCJ on the way home and we went thru the process again of trying to diagnose the concern. To me, it acts like vapor lock. This a fuel injected motor and vapor lock is difficult to happen to the fuel pressure. I feel that the vapor canister is boiling the fuel out. This is a tough concern to fix and from what I have read several people have not fixed it.

    If anyone has thoughts or help on this concern I would appreciate it.

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    I took the boat FCJ today. The cool part was one of the owners wearing a Saltwater Recon Shirt. I never had the chance to talk to him about it, hopefully, when I pick up the boat we will be able to talk.


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      Still no word on my boat. I have a few days off next week I would love to have it back.


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        The verdict is back on the boat. No Problem Found. Hmmm... bugs me cause I know it happens just a very tough concern to diagnose. I really need to get a new Sea Hunt


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          Hi all, I have posted about this concern before and still have the concern. When the motor is run for a distance 10 miles or so. When I let the engine sit for heat soak it will crank but not start. The engine will start after it sits for a few minutes. I have tried giving it partial throttle etc. the only thing that works is letting the motor cool down. I feel like the concern is fuel related but have not tested for lack of fuel or spark. I did test the block temps using an infrared thermometer here are the results:
          Ambient temp 99 F
          Water temp 87
          the cowl on the outside 125 F
          Starboard top of block 168 F
          Starboard middle block 163 F
          Starboard bottom of block 143 F
          Port top of block 174F
          Port middle of block 130F
          Port bottom of block 163F
          VST 145 F
          Fuel rail 129

          I have no overheat alarm sounding. I will state that if I pull the vacuum line off the fuel pressure regulator the line has a fuel odor. I did test the regulator and it is not leaking.
          I am curious if this motor is running too hot.



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            Nope your moor is not running too hot. Have you had any solution to this issue?


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              Nope, still no fix. This has been driving me nuts trying to chase it down.