Well after a few years (yes a few years) of working on my son-in-law's boat we finally got it working. It just needed a bunch of little stuff done. So we took it to Lake Livingston for the water test. The boat performed awesome.

Now to the important stuff fishing. He's a catfisherman. We launched at Indian Hill and caught the bait right there at the launch. We had the perfect shad. Loaded up with bait we headed to a nearby cove and set up the rods with slip cork and an Eagle Claw 2/0 J hook. Fished in 4 feet water. We brought home three nice channel cats 12"-19" We lost a few just due to bad hookups. We should have had at least 10 in the box. The water is in great shape and hardly any boat traffic very nice day.

I love saltwater fishing but it was a welcome change just to sit a relax watch a cork go down without another fisherman in the area.