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  • Camera access

    Can one gain access to the different cameras? Also how.

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    Yes. Go to www.saltwater-recon.com. At the top of the page, you'll see a "WEBCAMS" tab. Hover your mouse over it and select the cam you want to see.
    If on your phone, there are three bars at the top right...click on it and you'll see the webcams tab again. Select the cam you want to see.


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      Why do you take off the user controls and only have fixed positions.
      I like to see if i can see if someone is catching fish.


      • ElCapitán
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        Any camera in particular? We reduce to presets so the cams don't get worn out! They get used pretty heavily. We are just trying to preserve the cams as best we can. If you want to add a preset position, just email me at [email protected] and we can try to get one set up for you. Make sure to add as much detail in your description of your preset as possible. Thanks