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Boyd's One Stop & the Dike

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  • Boyd's One Stop & the Dike

    In Tx City is going to look a lot different soon. I haven't been out there in a while, but the 37,000 sq.ft. building behind Boyd's will be something else. I heard it will house all the seafood processing, live bait, and a restaurant. The old Boyd's will be flattened and will become a parking lot. I'm not sure where the Cajun Grill will be relocated. Since Hurricane Ike, there are NO bait camps on the Dike. The Lighted Pier at the far East end was completely destroyed also. .The Dike itself looks very nice with all the upgrades...including new ramps,cleaning stations and much more. For those that have never been to the Dike, TC residents get on FREE while others PAY on weekends and Holidays. Unless it's changed...it was $5 per car......Fri-Sun. Charging to get on the Dike starts March 1st to Nov 1st. Please be aware of the posted Warning Signs about swimming in certain areas. Nearby shipping channel created havoc with the water as ships go by and it can be dangerous if in the water. Fishing at night is allowed. NO GLASS BOTTLES. For you boaters that launch at the various ramps, lock your vehicle and keep ALL Valuables out of sight. Thieves are everywhere now days. If you fish on the Rocks near the far end, beware of ship wakes as ships head to the Tx City Refineries. The waves are big enough to knock you off your feet and if you have tackle boxes on the Rocks....those have been swept away too. Hope this info helps someone and remember to Take a Kid Fishing. Stay Safe.

    Ed M./ "Coastal Bend Weigh Team" / Cert. Weigh Master since 1999

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    Great write up!! I was wondering was up behind Boyds. I enjoy stopping there I fill up my O2 Tank and pick up some their custom-made leaders. I used to launch at the dike but it is just too busy for me.

    You are correct lots of changes to the dike since Ike the place has really cleaned up.


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      Boyd's has got a flounder tournament going on right now through November I think. Action at TCD is really hot right now.