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Catch & Release Question

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  • Catch & Release Question

    I am a recreational angler that has fished from kayaks and boats. I am broadening my fishing experiences, & have recently expanded my passion to surf fishing.
    Being from the gulf coast, it’s not a matter of “IF”, it’s a matter of “WHEN” a shark is hooked.
    My question is what’s the best way to release a big shark from the beach.
    I appreciate the responses and thank you in advance. Thank you for giving me an idea of what to expect.
    Be more than just exist.

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    KrisDee sorry, it took so long to give you a reply.....I will give you a link to some great advice for Shark fishing http://www.tx-sharkfishing.com/shark...d-reel-tackle/
    This site will really help you with your quest. Everyone has their own way of releasing sharks I will tell sharks don't always agree with the plans we have and will make you become creative. I like a long dehooker that keeps me a good distance from the shark's teeth. Good Luck and have fun, shark fishing from the beach is a blast.


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      Thank you for your answer Grandpa. I will definitely research that website. I do look forward to the fun and the challenges! Thank you again!!
      Be more than just exist.