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Wade Fishing San Luis Pass

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  • Wade Fishing San Luis Pass

    Hello All,
    I used to wade fish on the Galveston side of San Luis Pass in the 1960's. Are you still able to wade fish and can you camp over night under the bridge? I noticed you could not wade fish on the Freeport side.

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    I know the Freeport side is off limits for sure, as they have signs posted. Can't tell you about the Galveston side though. I assume the restrictions apply to the entire San Luis Pass.
    Only a trip down up there will tell for sure.


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      Yes, you can camp under the bridge on the Galveston side. Yes, you can wade fish on the Galveston side. I recommend fishing the inshore side or the bay flats. I just won't go in near the bridge. There's a small island on the bay side, I like to fish the east side of the island. Back in the 60's there were 2 guts (where the island is now) that's where we used to fish, now the bottom has changed there are guts out there but not like before, if you wade past the island you will find a gut (towards the ICW or Chocolate Bayou) be careful it's a sharp drop off but good fishing. The trick to this area is early morning and a moving water.


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        Thanks for the info Grandpa !


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          Thanks for the information. I'm going to try it mid next week.