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    I feel the urge to make a statement on this website/forum. Yes, there are many fishing forums available to us, however, Saltwater Recon has a few really cool features. My favorite is under resources is the AIS Marine Traffic. Don't ask me why I just get a kick out ship traffic. There are many other features under the resource tab like the oil and gas platform map. The more I look around on this site the more cool stuff I find. Great Job, Saltwater Recon Team!!!

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    Grandpa I couldn't agree more. Being in Austin I often check the webcams to get real time information on the weather conditions. Far way to go to pull a boat to wet a line so the cams help a lot. Plus sometimes you can actually see people pulling em in!


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      the cams can't be beat and i like others are very grateful for their use and location.


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        Thank you everyone! We really appreciate your comments! We work hard to make this happen for y'all. It means a lot to hear you say that. Fish On!