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How to find Oil & Gas Platform Coordinates in Gulf of Mexico (Latitude & Longitude)

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  • How to find Oil & Gas Platform Coordinates in Gulf of Mexico (Latitude & Longitude)

    I just found out about the website, data.bsee.gov, which is the public platform for the United Staes Department of the Interior, Minerals Management Service Gulf of Mexico Region. This gem of a website allows Joe Shmo Angler to see Latitude and Longitude for Oil and Gas Platforms around the entire Gulf! There are literally hundreds of platforms out there, and until now, Saltwater-Recon has only been able to show you these platforms on a map, without coordinates, but not anymore. It takes a little work to find the coordinates, because you have to sift through literally hundreds if not thousands of platforms to find the one you want, but we can help you decipher the list! As you can see in the pictures, the list is extensive, but by locating the AREA first, for instance, Galveston is abbreviated GA, and once you find the GA section (because all of the Galveston rigs are listed together) it becomes easy to find what you need. Just check out the picture below and it will explain how to find your coordinates.

    1) Visit: https://saltwater-recon.com/oil-gas-platforms-map/ to find the platform you'd like to find coordinates for and write down 3 key bits of info. (NAME, AREA, and BLOCK)

    2) Visit: https://www.data.bsee.gov/Platform/Files/3060.pdf and search for your AREA first, then find the BLOCK, and then confirm the NAME. Once you have found it, you will have your Lat and Long.

    So Simple, yet so hard to find if you don't know what you're looking for. All the best to you all, good luck, and be safe out there!