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    This is a post from another site just thought I would share:

    Ebay has a discount code going on certain items - you get 10% off with the code P10PERCENT. Two trusted Ebay sellers I've bought lots of reels from are Sportsman's Outfitters and American Legacy Fishing. They usually have the best prices on reels, and the 10% is on top of that.

    Sportsman's Outfitters has Team Lew's Lite for $177.99, which is already a good deal. With the 10% coupon code, you can get them for $160.19. A Team Lew's Lite for 160 bucks. That's hard to beat.

    If you want a less expensive reel, they also have the Lew's Mach Crush for $105.89, and with the code the price is $95.30. That's a really good reel for less than a hundred bucks, and the cheapest I've ever seen one. (The Crush is a carbon fiber frame. It's a pretty solid reel just the same, and especially for 95 bucks.

    American Legacy Fishing has a Curado K CU200KXG for $135.99, which comes to $122.39 after the 10% coupon code. It's the super high speed 8.5:1 - they have the other models for a bit more. But if you like the high speed version, it's a really good price for a Curado K.

    I'm sure the code applies to other models. These are just especially good deals.

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    That's good to know. Thanks for the tip.