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Hand Injected Soft Plastics

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  • Hand Injected Soft Plastics

    I picked this up while living in Jacksonville,NC. back in the early 80's. A 10 CC syringe with a 14 ga. needle filled with 100% Pure Menhaden Oil is all ya need. The oil is thick so this why you need a 14 ga. needle. Injecting the soft plastics all over is simple. I learned that fish to hold on to the bait more for better hook sets. It also leaves the stink in the water and a slight slick on the water's surface. Squirting some in the water will assist in making the slick thus drawing the fish your way. My last purchase was a gallon and ordered it on line. I just googled the oil up and went from there. Try it......you'll have fun doing this.
    Ed in Hitchcock BTW: I'm a saltwater guy!!

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    Hmmmmm........I like this........I'm going to try......Thanks!!!