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    Anglers Anonymous is a little tackle shop located in Katy, Tx. This place is great, I have a serious tackle problem and just own too much and should have not stepped foot in the door. I knew once I walked in I was in trouble. They carry lots of local tackle and all the top brands that are producing fishing in the Galveston Bay complex. They have LeLe (from what I can tell no one has them in stock and it will be a long wait before you can get them). They have Custom Corkys, Trout Support Lure, Lil John Purple demon with the white tip!! I can go on and on the best part is they carry Steve Brown Lures, Fat Boy broken back, Peanut etc..
    This place has what you need. If you get a chance stop by and say Howdy great people.

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    Where in Katy ? I live out there.