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How to rig your rod and reel?

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  • How to rig your rod and reel?

    All - Excuse my absence from this forum. My Dad suffered a stroke awhile back, but he is doing better. 2019 is here and I plan to do plenty of fishing. I have a question about how to setup my rig for wade fishing. I want to practice fishing using plastics in 2019 and I'll be getting a nice rod and reel setup soon. I'll post the questions I have below. Keep in mind I'll like to use the non slip loop knot on my lures/plastics of choice.

    - Do I spool the reel with all braid?
    - Do I use a mono/floro leader?
    - If I use a mono/floro leader, does the mono to braid connection knot need have a couple of wraps around the reel spool or does the connection knot need to reside between the rod guides?

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    Glad to hear your dad is doing better. Here's my opinion:
    Yes I like to spool the reel with ALL Braid ( it will change your fishing )
    Yes I use a floro leader but I know guides who fish straight braid no leader
    Yes I like to reel my floro leader up on the spool. I use 3 to 4 foot floro leader (or less) but I do use a long leader.
    There are several knots to connect floro to braid. The one I used for many years is the uni to uni knot. Lately, I have been using the FG Knot (I do not recommend just too hard to tie). Google Floro to Braid knots and you will find many knots. Find one that you like and can tie easy.
    Braid has 0 so stretch you will need to have the drag set lighter. You need to find what drag setting works best for your gear.
    I like 30# spiderwire braid and 20# Suffix Floro. Everyone has a favorite they like to use, find one that works best for you. 30# braid will not dig into the spool as bad as a thinner line (this helps keep backlashes down)


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      Thanks Grandpa. I do a lot of surf fishing and all my surf reels are spooled with braid with a top shot of floro leader. Looks like I should do the same with my wade light reel and rod setup. I've been learning to tie the FG knot for a couple of months now and I believe I have it down, but have yet to cast with it on my light set up. I hope the FG knot goes through the guides smoothly and don't get hung up between the guides. Some of those guides on those light rods are super small. What kind of knot do you use for your lures/plastics?