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  • skatepark review

    I skated the new skatepark in quail valley east last weekend when in town for Easter.. It sits in the back of a massive, beautiful park with baseball fields, basketball courts, playgrounds, etc. along with a big stocked lake. the skatepark is mostly street oriented, with one killer wide quarterpipe with an escalator. kind of a lane set up, where the quarter is designed to give speed for the rail / pyramid, with an opposing 45 degree banked wall. you can cruise thru the whole thing and maintain your speed flow, but it is definitely not a flow park.

    I haven't rode metal coping in a decade probably, so it was fun to do 50/50's and stuff. at this point in my life, I didn't have anything for the rails and fun boxes unfortunately.

    it was strange riding a skatepark in my old neighborhood. when I lived there, skateboarding was not something the local community endorsed. we stole wood, made ramps in clandestine locations, rode ditches on the golf course, or under the bridge, etc. now, you can park in the designated parking lot and skate to your hearts content without the fear of being kicked out at any moment. great time to be a kid, although I'm a bit nostalgic for the old days...

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    It looks fun Bob....35 years late...but fun...


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      Will have to check it out since I think slab, the grinder and church ramp are a no go


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        the slab is actually a go go- it has the transfer ramp to the parking lot we always needed back in the day... i think the grinder got demolished when they built a new bridge on cartwright road...


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          Jeff Painter's was my favorite ramp in the old 'hood. those dudes didn't let everyone skate, but for some reason let me.. I either had to skate with those dudes which was kinda lame, or sneak in with my buddies.. the ramp was wedged between their garage and fence, so you could launch out of the ramp over the fence. ahhh, to have young ankles and knees again! haha


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            Felt good getting back on the skateboard again.. carved up the galveston park sunday morning.
            also Bob, i checked out that little bank to curb at the helipad on harborside st. It's fun an mellow..
            maybe waves on the way


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              right on!!