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La Izquierda @ 91st street Pier, and some Longboard Action!

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  • La Izquierda @ 91st street Pier, and some Longboard Action!

    Went down Saturday with the fam to watch part of the competition down there. It was a pretty good time with lots of friendly folks, good local brews, live music, and best of all, some decent summer surf! After we watched for about an hour and a half, we couldn't take it anymore and had to get some for ourselves. Went down a few blocks and got in about a 2 hr session, with some nice longboard waves! Soothed the soul!

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    I've been off my board for a few years now, I have a nice 10' only ridden a few times. I sold my quiver of short boards and bought this one when I realized I was too old for the shorts. I'm going to have to go to Surfside Jetty this year.


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      hey we found this forum so keep postin and so will we


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        I plan on being at the 2019 Festival hocking my Latin Attitude Surf wares so I can get that plane ticket back down there to deliver them the rest of their stuff haha