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    I'm new to the high-tech fishing reels. Being an old school fisherman using Ambassador reels all of my life fishing live bait, I started having an interest fishing artificials, plastics, top waters, etc. After a lot of research I went with a Team Lew's Lite on a Waterloo Salinity rod. Nice setup. Got into reds last fall several times. That little reel has a lot of backbone. Probably caught about a hundred keeper reds up to 28" so far and a few trout and flounder. Still going strong. Love that reel so much, I asked my wife for a Lew's Custom Inshore for Christmas and lucky me, Santa was good to me. I'm sold on Lew's reels!

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    Have you by chance, accidentally dunked it is saltwater? Thats the true test for me... Wondering if all of the components stand up to rust and salt very well? thanks..


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      No, they have never been dunked. I've only fished them out of the boat.


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        This is a good content.